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Every home needs regular maintenance. But sometimes, it’s the small tasks that are most neglected - changing out light fixtures, fixing a leaky faucet, installing a ceiling fan or replacing loose shingles.  So how do you best manage small home repairs?

Make a list, room by room, of what needs to be done. 

Decide if you can do the job yourself. Be honest about your skills and knowledge. If you think you can do it, estimate how long it will take, then prioritize projects and purchase any needed supplies. Be sure to keep receipts to return incorrect or unopened supplies, and store leftovers in marked bins in the garage or utility room. 

Tackle no more than two or three projects in one day and commit to completing them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with many partially completed projects - and a messy home. 

Don’t be afraid to outsource if a job is beyond your ability or your patience. 
A specialty contractor, such as a plumber or electrician, can help assess the
problem and may even suggest easy fixes over the phone. For a more complicated repair, calling a professional before you attempt to fix it yourself may actually save you money. 

If you’re just not the handyman type (and that’s okay), a handyman service can perform multiple small tasks. Be prepared with enough work to keep them busy for several hours. Also, be aware that handyman services may not perform certain types of work, such as painting or landscaping, but may be able to recommend someone who does.