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They can help or impede a process, one thing is for sure, we are stuck with them!

Emotions and logic are key components of the human condition and therefore are factors in how we go about purchasing a home.  Never underestimate the importance of the mind and the service being provided to help you make the best decision for your future!  After working with clients in the Edisto real estate market for over 10 years I have noticed a process that people go through when they decide to purchase a home.

Awareness-what is tangibly out there to see and buy.  

Interest-we start to ponder or look for reasons to purchase.

Evaluation-start acquiring information or digging deeper into solid reasons to justify the first emotional response to a property.

Purchase-when the decision is made to purchase, fears of making the correct decision tend to creep up at the point of taking action.

Loyalty-plays a role in feeling comfortable with the agent providing the service and feeling good about choosing to buy.

I truly want to achieve a successful partnership with all of my clients.  Providing a service to people is more than selling or buying a home.  There is an emotional and logical way of providing support and facts while helping clients make a big decision.  My goal is to have satisfied clients who trust my services enough to refer their friends and family in the future!